Colour allergy tests

Beaucatcher uses Redken colour. All colour clients will need to have a skin patch test for allergy before a colour treatment (which is free), so please stop in the salon at your convenience before your next appointment.

The skin test takes only a few minutes, during which we will apply a test patch of colour to your skin and fill out an allergy testing card for you which will be kept with your records. After 24 hours you will see if you are prone to allergy and should let us know.

You may think it is unnecessary, especially long- time colour users, but allergy to hair colourants can develop after long-term use and so it’s best to check. Beaucatcher uses a superior product free from ammonia and with less harsh chemicals than ever before – it improves the quality of your colour and the safety of our clients’ health – as well as that of our stylists. We try to make the process of testing as quick and easy as possible.