Summer changes

In some sad news for us, Karen has decided to go back to France.  She writes the following message for all of her clients:

It has been a pleasure doing your hair and getting to know you at Beaucatcher, but sometimes a change of life is necessary. I’ve decided to move back to France and hopefully settle there — time for me to make bigger future plans. During the last ten years I have left and returned twice to Beaucatcher, perhaps this will be the third time charm, but who knows? Maryna says I must come back for guest spots from time to time, so watch the Beaucatcher pages for updates. Perhaps I will also see some of you in France sometime.

As Beaucatcher is not an ordinary salon, so you are not ordinary clients. I wish you all the best and I am sure that the Beaucatcher crew will take good care of you. Thank you for the beautiful time I have spent with you all, doing your hair and getting to know you.

My last working day will be Sunday 14 August and I would love to see you before I go, so please book in if you would like.


Indeed, as Karen says, the Beaucatcher team will be happy to look after you in Karen’s absence. All colour formulas will be here on record too, so let us know how we can help. Meanwhile, we wish Karen the best of luck in her latest adventure.